Friday, September 17, 2010

Twenty One!!!

Sooo, the last couple days have been CRAZY! Thursday night we all went to Livehouse to watch Ken's band, Old Man Rebel, play. That was a BLAST! I turned 21 at midnight there so we had a pretty good time :) Ken was giving me tons of shout outs and we just had a good time! Friday was pretty chill. Talked to mom and dad on Skype, went running, nothing too exciting. Then Jackie and I went shopping which was fun. Came back to the BEST birthday meal ever! Everyone worked really hard to put together a delicious burrito bar (my new favorite food). It was super yummy!! Then they made me the BEST Spiderman FunFetti birthday cake ever! It was so awesome! Then Cabrini and Gem and Leah and I got ready to go out. Leah Hazel Keith and I all started out at Livehouse then quickly went over to a new bar called Porky's. We met up with our friend Boe which was fun, and met a few other really cool (and cute!) people :) We then headed over to Fab and continued on home after that! :))) Today we are going to the beach with all our friends to watch the sunset and hang there for the night!


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  1. "Talked to mom and dad on Skype, went running, nothing too exciting." Ha ha ha ha ha! You might have said that a little more ... delicately! Sounds like things are going great for you - I love reading your blog! Love you chickie!