Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Happy Friday!

Hello all! Last night we went to Livehouse once again to watch my friend Ken's band. That was, as always, a ton of fun! Our friends Boe, Cabrini, Keith and Junior were there. What a group! Today I have one class then I'm done for the day by noon! Yay!! I think I'm going to try and work out then I have to crack down on some homework... I have a mid-term on Tuesday and I think it's going to be rough! I don't like these upper-level courses one bit!! I woke up feeling a bit homesick today.. and I'm not quite sure why... Probs just PMS-ing...Yikes! So I called ma and fat and dad said he was offered to become partner of Edward Jones! Way to go Padre!!!! I'm so awfully proud of my parents and everything they have done in their careers but also their lives in general. 30+ years of marriage, 4 great kids (or so I think :)), awesome families on both sides, and real, tangible happiness. I love my family! :D I'm so unbelievably blessed!

Just 11 weeks left! HOLY COW!!

Peace, Love & more Love

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday...! :)

Let's see... I dont' even remember when my last post was or what it was about so I'll just go from yesterday (Wednesday)... Nothing too exciting that I can remember... Kind of a depressing day, actually... But I went for a run and then found the gym on campus which was awesome! After I got done working out I felt SO much better about life and myself and the world. It was stellar. This morning I woke up, got ready and just finished up my test in Psych 101. I love that class. It's super interesting which is so refreshing! It's one of my 2 lower level classes, the rest of my classes are 300 and 400 level which equals not very much fun, haha. After my classes this morning I have a meeting over Skype back at my school then Hazel and I are going to the gym. Then tonight is Livehouse to watch Ken play in Old Man Rebel! A few of our friends are going to meet us there and it should just be a ball!!

Make good choices!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Today I had class. I got my first draft of my paper back and I actually did much better on it than I had expected! :) I have a Psych test this week and two pretty major mid terms next week. It's mid-term already!!! What the heck?! I just finished up some homework so I think I am going to make the trek to the store to get some water. I'm all out, and can't find a ride! :/ I have 4 gallons to fill up..luckily it's not tooooo far. I feel like a donkey though with all that water in my back pack and such hahahahh!

Well, I best be off. I have water to fetch and supper to make!

Happy Monday, everyone! :)

one more week down..

Today I did some laundry (successfully!!!! :)), got some homework done (probably should have done some more), talked to senorito Tyler, and got a walk in down to the marine lab, which was super awesome. The wind was starting to pick up on my way down but once I got to the hill that steeply descends towards the coast the vast amount of vegetation blocked the breeze and it was back to muggy, which is alright. I got down to the shore and the waves were stupendous! They were really tall and coming in unusually close to shore. When I first got down there it sounded like a highway outside of a campground but it was just the mongo waves splashing against each other. It was pretty amazing.

Talking to Tyler is always nice. It's weird, we talk more now that I'm gone than we ever did while I was at home. I would love to go visit him over spring break in Idaho.

Well, another week begins tomorrow so I better get something ready for it.

Peace & Love!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had my first ever successful Guam laundry experience!! I used just the right amount of quarters, picked the right machines, and my clothes are clean..and DRY!! I am so stoked! Now I am just working on some homework. If I get everything done that I need to I'm going to reward myself with a walk down the Marine Lab and maybe a chick flick. :) I am just like a dog... I ger distracted easily, excited even easier, and have to reward myself to get anything done. Ah well, man's best friend, right?

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Only 11 weeks left! Yikes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Free t-shirt?!

This morning (Saturday) we woke up at 6:30 am (puke) and got ready to go help with the coastal clean up. One of Will's friends came and picked us up and we headed to Ypao beach in Tumon Bay. We helped clean up for about an hour and half. It was kinda fun, but SUPER hot, even at 7 am! Then at the end, we were supposed to get a t-shirt for helping but they ran out! That was my only motivation for waking up so early on a Saturday morning!

Anyway, I'm going back to bed. I'm kinda in a weird funk of a mood. I miss my friends back hom! I just don't have the same connections with people here.. :/

Love you all and miss everyone like crazy!


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thank goodness it's Friday! Yeehaw! Last night Jackie, Will and I decided not to go to Livehouse. I was beginning to feel sick and Jackie is still feeling pretty sick. :( Will, Lisa and I went to our friends Matt and Garrett's room and played some Monopoly Deal (a quick action Monopoly card game). That was pretty fun. Jackie went to bed early. Then Lisa and I went for a run. After showering up she helped me re-arrange my bed into a fort! I just put the bed rack higher up and put my mattress under it on the floor. Then Matt gave me a sheet to put over the top of it to make it a fort! :) Lisa and I were in our new fort reading when all of a sudden Matt and Will came BURSTING into my room with "swords" and aluminum foil, Spartan style "helmets" on their head. They tore apart my room and fort. It was SO funny. I couldn't do anything but just lay there and laugh. Then Matt lost his "slipper" (aka flip flop) and so Lisa grabbed it and threw it out the window. hahahah. Garrett asked what we were ready and we told him the Bible so then Matt said that they were acting as the Israelites and were acting out a Bible story for us. Oh man, they are so great and funny!

This morning I just had one class. Then Jackie and I went to the library and hung out for a few hours before coming back to the dorms, eating, and taking a series of afternoon catnaps. :)))

As for tonight I'm not quite sure. We'll probably end up hanging here which I am totally okay with. I think I've gone out enough in the last month and a half to last me a few months :)

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today was just a giant Glee marathon! Jackie and I watched it all day between classes and after :) Then tonight, the Glee season premier was on! So good/funny!!! Half the dorm was in the tv lounge watching :))) Then I went for a quick mile long run and showered up, now I'm heading to bed shortly. I have to wake up at 6 am so that I am able to call businesses back home for donations for my fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network. I hate the time change, I either have to stay up late to call or wake up at the crack of dawn (literally). Ah well, it's all for a great cause and I am so thankful to be part of such an amazing group back at SDSU.

Big gulps eh? Welp! See ya later!

P.S. talked to cousin Mitch on Facebook was so great to hear from him!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Supper!

Last night we had another family supper. It was delicious! We had tuna casserole and pineapple on the side. Our family meals just consists of most of us exchange students making supper together and eating together. These meals are one of my favorite things about being here because we all just hang out and enjoy eachother's company. So fun!! I only have 2 classes today, which is nice! Then a few of us are having a Glee marathon because the new season starts tonight! Tomorrow I am going to the library to work on stuff and then going to an extra credit movie thing for psych.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tik Tok

Last night we went to supper with Keith, Cathy, Tommy and Ken at Caliente. It was super delicious again! Yummy!! Then we came back to the science building and played some card games. We ended up going back to the dorms and working on some homework. I all of a sudden started losing some vision and had a crazy terrible head ache and thought I was going to puke. Not fun. So I went to bed and got some sleep. I woke up feeling mucho better this morning! Went to class and am now done for the day! :) I think I am going to work on some more stuff, and relaxxxxxxxxx :)))

I hope everyone is having an excellent night/weekend!

Much love :))

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New Week

Last night I wasn't able to make it to church because I couldn't find a ride :( However, I did go to a Bible study with my roommates and our friend Rob took us. It was an interesting experience and I would like to keep going.
I just counted the weeks that I have left here...and I'm down to 12! Yikes! That's less than 3 months! I can't believe how fast this is going... I am a little homesick today but I know I will enjoy the next 3 months and I know I will miss Guam like crazy when I get home. Sooooo, I better enjoy it! :D

Talofofo Fiesta!

Today the twins (Cathy and Tina) took us to Cabrini's grandma's house for their family's fiesta. Today is the day for San Maguel (Saint Maguel) who is the patron saint of Talofofo village so it was just a giant fiesta there today.. Everyone in Guam is invited to these fiestas and it was super fun! We ate delicious Chamorro food, played games, and just had a great time! Unfortunately it was SUPER hot out today and really uncomfortable but otherwise a great time. Tonight I really need to get some homework done :/ I really wanted to go to church at 6 but I couldn't find a ride...oh the downfalls of always relying on other people. Yikes, I wish I had a car!! Ahh well, time to get crackin' on some homework.


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday was a pretty lame day. I spent most of the day trying to recover from turning 21... :/ Last night we ended up not making it to the beach because the weather was pretty iffy. Instead, we went to this outdoor concert thing at a plaza that was pretty cool. When we got there there was a band playing that was so-so, then an intense scream-o band started playing and I hated it! I felt like my soul was going to get taken by the devil, ahh, it was scary. But then this really awesome ska band (they use trumpets and saxophone) started playing and that was a ball. We were skanking to them (skanking is the kind of dancing you do to ska, basically you just jump around and flail your limbs in a ridiculous manner) and we had a great time! That band was really fun to watch. The flat i was wearing got soaked so I decided to take them off but then I was skanking and jumping around and I landed on a really sharp rock. I looked at my foot and it was GUSHING blood! Yikes! we got it wiped off and the cut wasn't nearly as bad as the blood made it out to be. That was a really fun night! Today we are going to a fiesta in Talofofo which should be fun. I really hope to make it to church tonight..I've been getting kinda homesick and I feel like if I can get closer to God again I might feel more at home. Anywho, I better go shower!

Make good choices! :))

Friday, September 17, 2010

Twenty One!!!

Sooo, the last couple days have been CRAZY! Thursday night we all went to Livehouse to watch Ken's band, Old Man Rebel, play. That was a BLAST! I turned 21 at midnight there so we had a pretty good time :) Ken was giving me tons of shout outs and we just had a good time! Friday was pretty chill. Talked to mom and dad on Skype, went running, nothing too exciting. Then Jackie and I went shopping which was fun. Came back to the BEST birthday meal ever! Everyone worked really hard to put together a delicious burrito bar (my new favorite food). It was super yummy!! Then they made me the BEST Spiderman FunFetti birthday cake ever! It was so awesome! Then Cabrini and Gem and Leah and I got ready to go out. Leah Hazel Keith and I all started out at Livehouse then quickly went over to a new bar called Porky's. We met up with our friend Boe which was fun, and met a few other really cool (and cute!) people :) We then headed over to Fab and continued on home after that! :))) Today we are going to the beach with all our friends to watch the sunset and hang there for the night!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Today, I am determined to make better than yesterday! I have 3 dreadful classes but I swear I'll pay attention! But after class today, I only have 2 tomorrow morning and then it's time for birthday party at Livehouse!!! :)))) Can't wait! Maybe I'll go down to the marine lab today and go snorkeling... Or maybe after class I'll go down to the science building and hang out with the twins and Cabrini :) Either way today wil be awesome!

Now..just to finish some last minute homework before class....


I am beyond upset right now. every single time i try to do laundry something goes wrong. i have never gotten dry clothes out of the dryer and why would tonight be any different? i washed my clothes (or so i thought) in the washer that i thought worked, after checking the washer that i know worked just to find out it was full of beef jerky (?). So then i put my sopping wet clothes through the dryer THREE (3) times! just to pull them out still really really wet...well apparently the washer i put them through wasn't working..they just sat in their own nasty water for twenty minutes..and of course i didn't know this until i put my other load into the same there is a waste of $5.00.'s been such a long, cranky day, i just need to have a good cry and hit the hay...

hakuna matata, right?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Conquering Mt. Lam Lam

After class Ken took Leah, Hazel and myself to Shirley's for lunch. That was so fun! I think we found our new Monday traditions. Ken is such a cool dude! He is the lead singer for the band Old Man Rebel that we go to see every Thursday.

After lunch our friend Rob took me, Leah and Hazel to hike Mt. Lam Lam and watch the sunset. We got there around 6 probably. The sun was already beginning to set so we ran the usual 45 minute climb. I would say we probably finished in about 20 minutes max. Mt. Lam Lam is the tallest point on Guam. It was soooo amazing. I wish that the pictures I took even began to capture how majestic, beautiful and breath taking it was. But just to try, I'll add a few.

What an amazing day!!!! :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday night/ Sunday

Last night Will, Leah, Hazel, myself and our friend Chris went out with our friend Keith. We started out at a beach near Tumon. It was very deserted and very relaxing. We watched the waves roll into the harbor and drank a few brewskies. Then we left there because it started pouring rain. We then hung out in the car for a while before heading to another deserted beach area. All of this was going on around 10 pm. We started swimming at the second beach and just had a great time. Wish I could post some of the hilarious stories on here :). This morning we went to brunch at the Marriott that our NSE coordinator set up for us. It was SO amazing!! They had sushi, pasta, waffles, french toast, omelettes, bacon, salad, a chocolate fountain, fruit, ice cream, and an amazing view of the bay. It was so fun!!! Then we headed back to the dorm, loaded up our beach gear and headed out. It was Cabrini's brother's birthday today so we were invited to go to their beach, which is the most Southern point of Guam, and had MORE food. They had lots of original Chamorro food: chicken, rice and lots of other stuff! Yummy! We snorkeled there for a bit and hung out. It was a blast! What a great weekend!!!!!

But next weekend.... is my 21st!!!!!!!!! :D)))))

P.S. happy birthday to Jesse! :)

peace and love.

Friday, September 10, 2010

cockroaches!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwww

Tonight we made a pot of rice with veggies and took it to the science building to participate in the Bio Club welcome back party. There was chicken, rice, donuts, desserts, mashed potatoes, gravy, and more! Yum!! There were lots of new people there to meet! We went with the twins, Cathy and Tina, and Cabrini also. We met new people, ate lots of food, played games, and had a great time! Only downer of the night: seeing like 8 cockroaches. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! yuck!!!!! I guess that will be yet one more fear to conquer this year. I feel like I've already conquered so many!

The twins Cathy and Tina are picking us up at 7 am to go to the flea market to get some fresh fruit! Yum! Then I am going to FINISH my paper (finger's crossed), take an online test, and then...if I finish all of that I'm going to go out dancing with Cabrini tomorrow night! :))


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Thank goodness it is finally the weekend!!!!! Last night was a blast at Livehouse watching Old Man Rebel. They are really fun to watch and listen to and just all around a great time! When we were getting ready to go though, I was changing in the bathroom because there were lots of people in my room. As I was changing I cockroach ran across the bathroom floor!!! I can handle snakes, slugs, and all kinds of other bugs but cockroaches just do me in. Yuck. So I ran from the bathroom as Tina tried to kill it. Apparently when I ran out, it started chasing me! EEEEEEEEEE! Sick!! Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew!! Sooooooo anyway, Tina killed it off for me (thank goodness!!). But after that we had a great night! We even went and got Italian ice cream but I don't remember what it's called. Yummy!!

Tonight I think we are going with Tina, Cabrini and Cathy to the bio club movie night thing on campus, should be fun!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So today is Thursday. Already! Yikes! I'm just sitting in my Geography of the Pacific class. We are currently learning about pressure and winds of the world...hooooowwwww can't even see it! I hate learning about invisible sciences. Tonight we are going to hang out with the twins Cathy and Tina and also Cabrini and going to Livehouse to see the band. Should be a fun night! This weekend I have got to crack down on my 10 page paper that's due on Wednesday..I only have a page written! ... Ah well. By the way, I feel like I have already learned so much about myself and who I want to be in life. This trip is so amazing and I love it! Rough days are totally worth it because of all of the other fun days!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


When did it get to be Wednesday?!! I've been here almost a month already and my birthday is next week!! Oh goodness! :) We are going to Livehouse again tomorrow night to watch the band that our friend is in. Should be a blast. This afternoon I am going to lock myself in the library and get some stuff done on my paper that's due next week :/

Hakuna Matata

Monday, September 6, 2010

4 day weekend!

This weekend was so relaxing..maybe a little too relaxing... Friday night we just hung around the dorms. We spent Saturday at the beach in Tumon relaxing with a ton of friends. We had KFC chicken and red rice and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Saturday night we went downtown to a couple different bars and just had a blast! Sunday was extremely lazy and ended with watching the movie Black Dynomite and playing cards. Today, Labor Day was even more lazy filled with reading, watching movies and going shopping :) Overall, a great weekend. I did manage to fit in a little homework here and there as well. Nothing too exciting planned for this week besides school. Hopefully a little nonsense will come up so I have something exciting to post about!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Night

Last night (Thursday) A bunch of us went down to a bar in Tumon called Livehouse. A couple of our friends from the island had a friend in the band playing so we went to see them. We had such a blast!! Everyone there was so chill and just having a great time. The band was fantastic too! They played an elvis/rock mix. It was awesome! What a wonderful way to spend our Thursday night. Now I just have to stay awake for my one and only class at 10 am. Why am I awake right now?!

Tomorrow we are going to a beach somewhere. Apparently there's going to be a ton of people there so I'm pretty stoked. As for tonight, I'm not sure yet. Our friend Aiyla is only on island for the weekend before she heads back to Tinian so we might have to party with her tonight or Saturday night.



Will, Leah and myself went snorkeling this afternoon around 4 ish. We got down to the marine lab on campus where we have been a few times and there is beautiful coral there. The waves were coming in huge and much closer to shore than we had seen before. But we still decided it was a good idea to go out! We got out pretty far. Finally as we were coming in we couldn't quite get into the wave and we were basically stuck out there. I could see anything underwater from all of the waves and I was swimming my hardest and not going anywhere! Finally a wave washed me in close enough to touch. But then Leah was completely stuck out there and Will had to go out and save her! Yikes! It was pretty scary! But we are all safe and sound :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It is 9:40 am here and I will be done with class for the day at 11 am. I have the afternoon free for naptime, homework, and then Leah and I will be going snorkeling down at the on-campus marine-lab around 2. I am so excited for this weekend! We don't have class on Monday so three-day weekend! I don't think we have any big plans except maybe hitting a new beach and snorkeling some new coral!