Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday...! :)

Let's see... I dont' even remember when my last post was or what it was about so I'll just go from yesterday (Wednesday)... Nothing too exciting that I can remember... Kind of a depressing day, actually... But I went for a run and then found the gym on campus which was awesome! After I got done working out I felt SO much better about life and myself and the world. It was stellar. This morning I woke up, got ready and just finished up my test in Psych 101. I love that class. It's super interesting which is so refreshing! It's one of my 2 lower level classes, the rest of my classes are 300 and 400 level which equals not very much fun, haha. After my classes this morning I have a meeting over Skype back at my school then Hazel and I are going to the gym. Then tonight is Livehouse to watch Ken play in Old Man Rebel! A few of our friends are going to meet us there and it should just be a ball!!

Make good choices!

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