Monday, September 13, 2010

Conquering Mt. Lam Lam

After class Ken took Leah, Hazel and myself to Shirley's for lunch. That was so fun! I think we found our new Monday traditions. Ken is such a cool dude! He is the lead singer for the band Old Man Rebel that we go to see every Thursday.

After lunch our friend Rob took me, Leah and Hazel to hike Mt. Lam Lam and watch the sunset. We got there around 6 probably. The sun was already beginning to set so we ran the usual 45 minute climb. I would say we probably finished in about 20 minutes max. Mt. Lam Lam is the tallest point on Guam. It was soooo amazing. I wish that the pictures I took even began to capture how majestic, beautiful and breath taking it was. But just to try, I'll add a few.

What an amazing day!!!! :D

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