Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh, Guam

Well, the semester is coming to a close and I am going home in just five days. This semester has been so amazing and I just cannot believe how fast it has gone by. Will left us on Saturday morning. It was really hard on all of us to see him go. We truly did create our own little family of exchange students here. Will was a really important part of our clan. Now, we are all focusing on finals and getting through our exams. The last couple of weeks have been filled with probably a little bit too much partying and goodbye parties but they have been fun none-the-less. Jackie and Lisa are leaving on Thursday, Hazel is leaving sometime this week, we're not sure when, and I leave on Saturday. Leah, my roommate, has decided to stay an extra semester. I am soooo excited for her and super proud of her for making that decision. I wish that I could go home for Christmas break and then head back for next semester. But alas, I have priorities back home that I must get back to. Speaking of which...I am still in desperate need of a job. I hope something will turn up over break. I am suuuuuper excited to get home and see the fam. I can't wait to bake cookies with my mom! She took the first Monday after I get home off and I cannot wait to spend the day with her!! I am also super excited to see my brothers and Tove! Woot!

See you all in 5 days!!!!!!!!!