Sunday, September 26, 2010

one more week down..

Today I did some laundry (successfully!!!! :)), got some homework done (probably should have done some more), talked to senorito Tyler, and got a walk in down to the marine lab, which was super awesome. The wind was starting to pick up on my way down but once I got to the hill that steeply descends towards the coast the vast amount of vegetation blocked the breeze and it was back to muggy, which is alright. I got down to the shore and the waves were stupendous! They were really tall and coming in unusually close to shore. When I first got down there it sounded like a highway outside of a campground but it was just the mongo waves splashing against each other. It was pretty amazing.

Talking to Tyler is always nice. It's weird, we talk more now that I'm gone than we ever did while I was at home. I would love to go visit him over spring break in Idaho.

Well, another week begins tomorrow so I better get something ready for it.

Peace & Love!

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  1. That must be pretty cool to just decide to walk to the ocean!