Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talofofo Fiesta!

Today the twins (Cathy and Tina) took us to Cabrini's grandma's house for their family's fiesta. Today is the day for San Maguel (Saint Maguel) who is the patron saint of Talofofo village so it was just a giant fiesta there today.. Everyone in Guam is invited to these fiestas and it was super fun! We ate delicious Chamorro food, played games, and just had a great time! Unfortunately it was SUPER hot out today and really uncomfortable but otherwise a great time. Tonight I really need to get some homework done :/ I really wanted to go to church at 6 but I couldn't find a ride...oh the downfalls of always relying on other people. Yikes, I wish I had a car!! Ahh well, time to get crackin' on some homework.


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