Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday was a pretty lame day. I spent most of the day trying to recover from turning 21... :/ Last night we ended up not making it to the beach because the weather was pretty iffy. Instead, we went to this outdoor concert thing at a plaza that was pretty cool. When we got there there was a band playing that was so-so, then an intense scream-o band started playing and I hated it! I felt like my soul was going to get taken by the devil, ahh, it was scary. But then this really awesome ska band (they use trumpets and saxophone) started playing and that was a ball. We were skanking to them (skanking is the kind of dancing you do to ska, basically you just jump around and flail your limbs in a ridiculous manner) and we had a great time! That band was really fun to watch. The flat i was wearing got soaked so I decided to take them off but then I was skanking and jumping around and I landed on a really sharp rock. I looked at my foot and it was GUSHING blood! Yikes! we got it wiped off and the cut wasn't nearly as bad as the blood made it out to be. That was a really fun night! Today we are going to a fiesta in Talofofo which should be fun. I really hope to make it to church tonight..I've been getting kinda homesick and I feel like if I can get closer to God again I might feel more at home. Anywho, I better go shower!

Make good choices! :))

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