Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am beyond upset right now. every single time i try to do laundry something goes wrong. i have never gotten dry clothes out of the dryer and why would tonight be any different? i washed my clothes (or so i thought) in the washer that i thought worked, after checking the washer that i know worked just to find out it was full of beef jerky (?). So then i put my sopping wet clothes through the dryer THREE (3) times! just to pull them out still really really wet...well apparently the washer i put them through wasn't working..they just sat in their own nasty water for twenty minutes..and of course i didn't know this until i put my other load into the same washer...so there is a waste of $5.00. ugh...it's been such a long, cranky day, i just need to have a good cry and hit the hay...

hakuna matata, right?

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