Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday night/ Sunday

Last night Will, Leah, Hazel, myself and our friend Chris went out with our friend Keith. We started out at a beach near Tumon. It was very deserted and very relaxing. We watched the waves roll into the harbor and drank a few brewskies. Then we left there because it started pouring rain. We then hung out in the car for a while before heading to another deserted beach area. All of this was going on around 10 pm. We started swimming at the second beach and just had a great time. Wish I could post some of the hilarious stories on here :). This morning we went to brunch at the Marriott that our NSE coordinator set up for us. It was SO amazing!! They had sushi, pasta, waffles, french toast, omelettes, bacon, salad, a chocolate fountain, fruit, ice cream, and an amazing view of the bay. It was so fun!!! Then we headed back to the dorm, loaded up our beach gear and headed out. It was Cabrini's brother's birthday today so we were invited to go to their beach, which is the most Southern point of Guam, and had MORE food. They had lots of original Chamorro food: chicken, rice and lots of other stuff! Yummy! We snorkeled there for a bit and hung out. It was a blast! What a great weekend!!!!!

But next weekend.... is my 21st!!!!!!!!! :D)))))

P.S. happy birthday to Jesse! :)

peace and love.

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