Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thank goodness it's Friday! Yeehaw! Last night Jackie, Will and I decided not to go to Livehouse. I was beginning to feel sick and Jackie is still feeling pretty sick. :( Will, Lisa and I went to our friends Matt and Garrett's room and played some Monopoly Deal (a quick action Monopoly card game). That was pretty fun. Jackie went to bed early. Then Lisa and I went for a run. After showering up she helped me re-arrange my bed into a fort! I just put the bed rack higher up and put my mattress under it on the floor. Then Matt gave me a sheet to put over the top of it to make it a fort! :) Lisa and I were in our new fort reading when all of a sudden Matt and Will came BURSTING into my room with "swords" and aluminum foil, Spartan style "helmets" on their head. They tore apart my room and fort. It was SO funny. I couldn't do anything but just lay there and laugh. Then Matt lost his "slipper" (aka flip flop) and so Lisa grabbed it and threw it out the window. hahahah. Garrett asked what we were ready and we told him the Bible so then Matt said that they were acting as the Israelites and were acting out a Bible story for us. Oh man, they are so great and funny!

This morning I just had one class. Then Jackie and I went to the library and hung out for a few hours before coming back to the dorms, eating, and taking a series of afternoon catnaps. :)))

As for tonight I'm not quite sure. We'll probably end up hanging here which I am totally okay with. I think I've gone out enough in the last month and a half to last me a few months :)

Have a great Friday everyone!

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