Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween weekend was so much fun! Friday night there was a huge party at Planet Hollywood that I had been looking forward to for the past few weeks but I was still pretty sick so I decided just to stay in... We actually had a great time hanging at the dorms with just a bunch of random people and it was super fun! Saturday was a pretty lazy day just lounging around. We went spearfishing for a while but with no luck. Then we went out to Fab and then headed over to Ralphy's. We danced and had a great time at both places! I just so happened to meet a pretty cool dude at Ralphy's and we danced all night :) Sunday we went over to our twin friends' house Cathy and Tina who are Vietnamese. Their mom made us some delicious pho (a common Vietnamese soup). It was muy delicioso! Then last night I went on a date with said dude from Ralphy's! It was so much fun! He came and picked me up, we went to a movie, got ice cream, then we met up with my roommates at bar Casa to hear our friends' bands play. It was such a fun and great weekend!

Happy November!

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