Thursday, October 14, 2010


So Friday is finally here and I don't have much to blog about! Pretty uneventful week... I had a couple of intense tests and I am so glad they are out of the way! Party time! :) Mom and dad mailed me the card game Munchkin so I'll probably play that tonight..maybe go out, we'll see. I've been on a crazy country music spree this week, which is weird...but it reminds me of home! This evening I am going paddling (also know as outrigging here, basically intense competitive canoeing) with a couple of friends from the dorms. Should be fun! Hopefully I'm in good enough shape! Speaking of being in good shape, I have been working super hard and as of this week, I fit into three more pairs of shorts that didn't fit when I got here! Sweet!!! This weekend will probably be pretty uneventful as well. My friend Matt and I are going to do some arts and crafts tomorrow night to make signs for Will because he's funning a half marathon on Sunday morning.

Guam is awesome!

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