Tuesday, October 26, 2010

long time, no blog!

So I just realized I haven't blogged in a while... Let's see... Nothing too terribly new or exciting to write about, I guess... The second installment of my 40 page paper is due in two weeks ont the same day I need to give a presentation in my other sociology class about my findings in the research study I am doing. Neither of which are even close to being ready. Every time I even begin to get excited about how close I am to going home, I realize I still have a 40 page reseach paper to finish along with two other research papers and then I just get super overwhelmed... One step at a time, I suppose. I will begin my surveying research tomorrow afternoon for both of my sociology classes and hopefully all goes well. This weekend is Halloween which is going to be so fun! I was going to go as a mermaid but decided I would just end up looking like a white chick dressed up as a stereotypical islander and really didn't want the islanders here to hate me so I decided to go as cat woman! I can't wait! So I'm going to return the things I got for my mermaid costume and I conveniently already have everything I will need to be cat woman. Saved some money! We are going to Planet Hollywood for Halloween because a group on campus is puttin on a wicked party there... It should be pretty legit. My thoughts and prayers are with Tove and Adam this week as they prepare to move across the state to Pierre. I haven't talked to Tove in a while but I imagine she is probably freaking out. I am soooo proud of her! She is by far the greatest big sis in the world, and no, I am not sucking up because I know for a fact she doesn't read my blog :)) But really, I look up to her so much and I don't think she realizes how amazing she is and important she is in my life. My life would suck with out her :) I can just barely see the sunsetting over campus right now out of the window of the study room I am in. It's beautiful! Orange and yellow. Guam is so beautiful! I can't believe I've only got a month a half left in this wonderland! As anxious as I am to get home I know I will miss it here like CRAZY! I am also starting to get nervous about my transition back home. I know that sounds dumb but I am very nervous. People at school that haven't seen me since May have gotten used to me not being around for 7 months and I'm afraid how I will have to re-socialize myself back in... I just don't want to be annoying or a nuisance to anyone. But I am very very excited for a whole list of things when Iget there!!: a car, cell phone, FOOD, mom and dad, bros and sister, my bed, my shower, cereal, milk, mashed potatoes, mom's cooking, friends, my new house in Brookings, not having rats living in my ceiling, not sweating allll the time, and of course CHRISTMAS!!! There is lots more but that's all I can think of right now. I discovered this delicious new concoction of food that is super easy for my lunches and dinners. I make pasta noodles, steam some frozen veggies with garlic in it, load it all with pepper, and then mix it all together with marinara and alfredo sauce mixed. YUMMMM!! Delicious! Well, I better get going on some of those research papers.

Peace & Blessin's

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