Friday, November 5, 2010

Only 6 weeks left!

Whoa! I will be home-bound in just 42 days! wtf? How did this pass by so fast?! Oh man am I loving it, though! I don't remember what the last thing I blogged about Uhm.. Halloween was a BLAST! We had so much fun! This week I ate dinugan which is a p0rk stew made with pig's blood! Yea! I didn't like mayo or onions when I got here but look at me now!
I have a 20 page paper due on Monday so this weekend is basically consumed with finishing that... :/ Last night I worked on my paper for a while and then we went down to marine lab where there was a gathering going on. They made delicious lobster and were just giving it away! Yummy! Everyone there was super chill. This is why I love Guam: the security showed up b/c we were drinking so we offered him a couple beers and lobster and he was on his way :) hahaha... There is a beach bbq going on tonight that I super want to go to but I don't think I'm going to let myself go unless I finish my paper so I better get on that!

Happy Saturday!!! See you in 6 short weeks! :D

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