Sunday, October 10, 2010


My nerves are already setting in about that post I just put up. More than anything else, I am afraid that my siblings are not going to like me as much anymore... All of my siblings are the people that I look up to the most in life. I look to them for advice, friendship, and everything in between. They are the only people in the world, along with my parents, that I consider my best friends.... I hope this doesn't change anything!


  1. I know your siblings will be just as proud of you and happy for you as you are for them. Each and every time one of you discovers and grows and is deeply passionate, the others are supportive and share in the joy. This is no different!

  2. Keep up the great blog! I love reading about your days! You are a great role model and strong woman. I look up to you and your courage so much.

    <3 Autumn