Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last night I went to a Bible study on campus with a couple of the other dormies. Then after that I called ma and pa to talk about some of that Bible stuff cuz it gets me all kinds of confused. Then I talked to my friend Will about those things too. I got some great insight about everything. Then I went out with Jackie, Leah, Cabrini, Gem, Myg, Phil, and Keith to Livehous to see Ken's band Old Man Rebel play. After a bit there we went over to Ralphy's to watch the drag show...Which was hilarious! Then we headed back to Livehouse to end the night. Overall, it was a super fun day/night! Today I am headed to the library to get some homework done.. :( Not fun..but I gotta get it done!

So I'm gonna go get ready and head to the library.

God Bless!

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