Monday, October 4, 2010

Like a Camel

Today I went to my first two morning classes. Part way through my second class at 11 am I started seeing tons of spots and couldn't see anything on my computer screen or my professor. I knew it was the onset of another migraine... No bueno. By the end of class I was in agony from a terrible headache and I kinda wanted to puke... So I scurried back to my dorm, popped some ibuprofen and got about a half hour nap in... When I woke up I was still pretty miserable but feeling better. I ended up missing my 2 pm class but I don't regret it at all because this morning was rough and horrible! As the day went on I still had a pretty continuous headache but was definitely feeling better so I got some studying done. This evening I walked to the store about half a mile from campus to fill my 4 gallons of water. Then I went back to the dorms, dropped them off and headed for the super market about a mile and a half from campus. When I left the sun was almost all the way gone and getting darker by the minute so I tried to hurry. By the time I left Payless it was pretty much pitch dark and I was a little sketched out to be walking by myself but I made it back safe and sound! Will started made a delicious meal of chicken breasts, marinara and alfredo sauce, veggies and noodles. It is going to be so delicious!! I am not just sitting around waiting for it to be done so we can eat! I'm so hungry!!! I should be studying but I can't seem to concentrate while I'm waiting for my food. Right now Will is sitting next to me watching a ridiculous cartoon and chortling like a school boy. It's reallllllly funny to watch...

Happy birthday to Mom, Happy birthday to Mom... Happy birthday dear Mommy... Happy birthday to Mom!!!


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  1. sorry about the migraines ... I completely understand :( Sounds like you're quite a cook!