Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 years!

Today is my 2 year mark from my surgery! Yay!! What a happy day! The doctors told me that if my tumor/cancer was going to come back it would come back in the first two years... Basically clear sailing from here! We went to the beach this afternoon and had SO much fun! It was a blast. Laid on the beach, played football, snorkeled. It was awesome!! I am about to go out for celebratory 2 years cancer free walk and also for mommy because she has been cancer free for 5 years! I am so proud of her! Aaaaaand it's her birthday on Monday! So I'm going to go walk 5k for cancer awareness! They are also doing the annual SDSU Breast-Cancer awareness run today (October 2) so I thought it would be a triple wammy to go walk/run my 5k from Guam!

Hope everyone's weekend is fantastic!

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