Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tumon Bay

Yesterday afternoon a few of us went to Tumon Bay on the other side of the island. Tumon is a very touristy area that is a very very popular vacation destination for Japanese and other Asians. We went on a bussing adventure, not really sure where to get off. We finally made it down to the beach, hiked alllll the way down the beach and started snorkeling. We were about to give up after half an hour of swimming and not seeing the kind of coral we did down at the marine lab when all of a sudden the ugly rock and reefs opened up to neon colored fish, trenches, and brightly colored coral. It was amazing. I like the marine lab snorkeling more for its coral and trenches and a little bit deeper but Tumon Bay was much more amazing in the amount of fish we saw. I saw a small bright purple and green fish, an electric blue fish, a neon pink fish, a whole HUGE school of fish swimming in a circle that looked kinda funny with a bulge for a nose, and some beautiful blue starfish. Amazing! What a great day! It was raining the entire time we were there too so that was cool seeing the rain hit the water from underneath. Last night we kinda just sat around, watched movies/tv and hung out. We were all pretty exhausted. I am going to try to hit the library today and get some laundry done. I have to keep reminding myself that this is NOT a vacation, even though it sure seems like it! :)

Peace & Love!

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  1. Sounds pretty fantastic maggie. I am quite jealous. I love amazing nature views.