Sunday, August 15, 2010

I forgot!

Oh! I forgot! We went to the beach yesterday. It was so amazingly beautiful. We were swimming 0ut and it seemed like normal beach swimming but then the farther you go out it started getting really shallow, about knee deep. As it got shallower there were a ton of these sea cucumber things. I'm not really sure what they actually were but I think their real Genus Species name is Sea Turd. They were kinda just like a muscle that wiggled and when we pulled them out of the water they peed on us! Haha, what an adventure. Also, there was a lot of reefs and fishies and stuff which was way cool. We saw one reef that looked like a brain! It was awesome!

Well, off for a morning run.

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  1. You'll be home soon enough, Maggs....enjoy your time there and don't forget to take time for yourself to sit, relax and think about how cool it is to be in Guam, when most boring college kids are sitting in their same old boring dorms, with their same old boring roommates, eating the same old boring food and wishing they were in a cool and exotic

    I'm very proud of you.....we'll all be here when you get home...enjoy your time there!

    uncle t