Friday, August 27, 2010

Guam partying

Last night Jackie, Leah, Hazel, myself, and Cabrini went out toa couple different clubs. The first was Lush which was a very crazy place! All of the girls were wearing spandex teeny tiny dresses and dancing very.....exotically. But I had fun there. We were dancing for all of 3 minutes when a couple guys started dancing with us, which was fun. Then we went to a gay club called Fab which was a blast!! It was so much fun there! Everyone was just having fun and it was a ball! Then we came back to the dorms around 2:00 and I hung out with Floyd for a little bit before heading to bed. Fun night all in all. Today we are going to the beach with Cabrini, Tina, Kathy and the other dormies. Then tonight is the dorm all welcome back bash and the probably going out again.


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