Friday, August 20, 2010


Yesterday Will, Hazel, Lisa, Leah and myself went down to the marine lab bay and went snorkeling. As we were walking out it was just very rocky with lots of yucky moss but then about 100 yds out the rocks kinda dropped off and BEAUTIFUL coral appeared. It was more beautiful than in Finding Nemo, so you know it's good! The colors of the coral and fish and the depth of the drenches was just astounding. I have never experience something so magnificent! Then last night we all went to a Mexican place called Caliente's for supper. That was so delicious! Then we came back and hung out in the dorm and played some super smash bros. on Wii. I beat 3 guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Brock will be proud of his little sis :) Today we are going to another beach on the Southern end of the island for some even more beautiful snorkeling! YAY! :))) The Southern part of the island is supposed to be more mountainous and hopefully the coral is even more abundant.

Hang Loose, brah!

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