Sunday, November 21, 2010

less than 4 weeks!

WHOA! Thanksgiving is in 3 days. I leave in... uhm... I'm not willing to count how many days because that's depressing... It's less than 4 weeks, I know that. Saturday night me, the dormies and Junior headed up north to Yigo to a major party called moistland. Basically 3 bands played outside of our friend Jordan's house. There were probably about 50-100 people there, which was insane! Everyone just partied outside and had a great time! There was a community chest of alcohol and everyone just hung around and had an excellent night. Then last night (Sunday) I got some homework done before this dude, Sean, came and picked me up. We went and got sushi, which was delicious! We had the spicy tuny and I think my mouth was on FIRE! Then we just went to his parent's place and watched a movie. It was really fun and he's a really great guy. Unfortunately, I still leave in less than 4 weeks so I suppose I won't be getting too attached :/ Anyway, only 3 days of class this week and working on my ginormous paper! eeeek!!

wih me luck!

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