Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Muesday night Junior came over and made supper for all of us dormies. He made us tinaktak, this delicious Chamorro soup. It's made with ground beef, veggies, and coconut milk. He is quite the chef!! Last night we ate some deluctible broccoly cheese vegetable soup! Yum!! Also, Will came back from Japan yesterday so we had a bit of a celebration to have him back!! Tonight Leah, my roommate, made yummmmmmmmmmy tortilla soup, which was soooo good! I am realizing every day how soon I leave! I have just a month left! How crazy. Guam is so amazingly beautiful! I wish that everyone could experience a place so beautiful, full of welcoming, kind, and exceptionally generous people. I am truly lucky and extremely blessed to be given this amazing opportunity! I hope that I can make everything out of this that I can and learn and grow in the ways that God intended for me. The next month is going to be quite an adventure!!! :)

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