Friday, November 12, 2010


I can't believe November is already half way over! It's November 13th here today and it as a beautiful day! It's actually been a beautiful week! Great weather, great friends, and we had a great time! Wednesday night we went to Ralphy's to watch my friends' Nikita and Junior's band play. They are amazing!!!! Then last night Jackie and I went and saw them again at Xscape. They are seriously an amazing band. Nikita has THE most amazing voice I have ever heard! There are SO many talented singers and musicians on this island, it's unreal. They need to do an American Idol casting here. Today we went down to Inarajan where there is a natural-made pool. The waves crash over the rocks bringing new water in and the tide carries water out from the other end. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect and didn't rain and it was a great time!! There is a diving board type thing about 20 feet up, but it's just cement so it doesn't bounce at all. So we were jumping off that all day and having a ball!! I had a ver surreal moment swimming around thinking: "Hey, everyone back home is stuck in jackets and sweaters and I'm hangin out in the Pacific Ocean with great friends in great weather! I love it! I can't believe this adventure is over in jut 5 weeks! Yikes!! I am anxious to get home, though. Just enjoying what I've got right now here in Guam. Home will be here soon enough.

Much love to everyone everywhere! :)

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