Sunday, July 11, 2010

5/10/2010, 7:43 am (Accra->Lome, Togo)

We left the hostel at 6 am this morning. We are first going to Lome from Accra. We are going to swim in the ocean! On our way to Lome there are people everywhere! Along the road in the middle of nowhere, at random huts, sitting against trees. There are also goats just roaming across the roads and alongside. Our driver's name is Sami. He has a daughter named Maggie, too! In just our couple hours here so far, I can already see such a different way of life. The dirt here is very bright red. The vegetation is so lush and green. But in the city there is lots of garbage everywhere. The humidity is so astounding everytime I walk outside, but the fresh breeze coming in off the ocean is refreshing. All along the highway there are piles of watermelons waiting to be bought by a passerby to take to the city and sell.

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