Sunday, July 11, 2010

5/10/2010, 10:19 pm (Tpalmey, Togo)

After crossing the Ghana/Togo border we finally arrived at the resort where we went to swim in the Atlantic. The resort was beautiful. Swimming in the ocean was amazing. The tides came washing in and their undertow drug us out to sea with them until we could get our footing. An African man at the beach was asking to take my picture but I got creeped out and said no. Manyy of the men here have been trying to get our name/number/email. We ate a delicious meal of beef kabobs and chicken with french fries, rice, and some sort of tomato sauce. Then we made our way to the mountains in Togo. As we were driving a main highway there were what looked like remote villages all along it. Once we werew out of the cities, much of the garbage disappeared and ghe lush green vegetation could be fully enjoyed. When we arrived at our hotel I was breathless. It is located at the base of the mountains. Kind, generous people as hosts, a cheap bar, pool, and a beautiful nature sanctuary make this hotel amazing. Once we got al settled in and had a drink (rum and coke) we headed out in the dark to explore the French-speaking village. We met some young children and stopped to say hi. When we returned to our hotel we swam for a while. There were African drummers, singers, and dancers there to entertain us. After swimming I rand and put a t-shirt on and asked the drummers and dancers to teach me how. I started dancing and singing with them when Kelly, Dani an Addie joined! Then they taught Kelly and I how to drum. They taught us four songs, pretty reggae stuff :) It was such a blast! It was so fun just to let go and enjoy the moment. They taught us some tribal songs of theirs which was way cool. That was my favorite part of the night! Bola (the dude who taught me how to dance like them) was showming me how to dance and was super fun. Then he started asking for my email and phone number so I left, showered, and wrote this entry :)

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  1. Hm.. i would have figured you would have whored it up a bit more there... (feel free to delete this comment if its too vulger for your public audience)